Mike Fields

"More blood!"
Mike Fields

Co-Producer and Make up FX guru mike Fields prepares the zombie fetus Mike Fields creates yet another realistic zombie for the battle sequence Co-Producer Mike Fields carefully watches his creation on a monitor from behind camera Mike Fields prepares the jaw piece for the truck zombie sequence on Jake Sweet Mike Roberds taking direction before his zombie fetus scene The zombie army marches towards the truck

Co-Producer Mike Fields

When it comes to blood guts and gore Mike "fast" Fields is the true master of horror on this production! Mike has had a very successful career as a key make-up artist on some of the greatest films to date working with some of the world's greatest horror film directors.

Mike Fields

From Narnia to Masters of Horror, he has brought to life countless creatures from the deepest and darkest parts of his imagination. Mike is not only the genius behind the blood and gore of Bong of the Dead, but he is also a Co-producer in the production as well.

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