Time to Flip the Script!

Ok so I know that my last blog was on the negative side so I want to formally apologize for getting negative at a time when I should be positive. I seem to have trouble with not being able to express myself without sometimes coming across as harsh or pessimistic. For the record I want to say that although I don’t approve of “The System” in my industry I realize that I have to follow it in order to succeed…..for now anyways.

I understand that distribution companies and agents all have their purpose in the whole scheme of things. I guess if you were to refer to it as the machine that “It” or “the system” is, then all the parts of the engine have their place in order to move the whole vehicle forward. I just hate starting out as the whole engine and body myself then after its said and done being reduced to a nut;). At the end of the day I’m still in a far better position than most first time filmmakers out there. I have distribution offers coming in! I mean that is a lot more than some others can say about their films. I should be happy and grateful that people are paying attention and that my work is getting noticed. I’m actually getting a lot of emails from random people who want to either congratulate me on my achievements and talk about how they really enjoyed the trailers and posters etc. The film has been featured on over 200 websites to date and climbing. I just landed a large spread in Rue Morgue magazine, Girls and Corpses and Fango is coming around finally after 2 years of me pestering them! All these things are more than any lone filmmaker can wish for. I suppose I should be grateful and jumping up and down with joy and not stuck in this funk!

I am also grateful for my Agents efforts and I actually genuinely like him. He answers my calls and my e-mails even though I’m not the only filmmaker he has on his watch list. Hes a tough old dog with a lot of experience under his belt and hes got a lot of fight left in him still and doesn’t bullshit me which is the most important part of doing business to me. I’m also happy to have friends in the distribution circle who are keeping an eye on me and give me advice when I need it. You space cowboys know who you are. Thank you for your words of encouragement during my darkest hours and thank you for always being there when I need your advice regardless if I ask or not. Especially thank you for catching my bad tweets with missing links and missing pictures now and then;)

I think its time I stop wasting precious time and good blogging space with whining and flip the script! I need to do what every other creative does when they enter the darkness….self destruct with booze and drugs until I’m in a self induced coma! Just kidding…I’m not much of a drinker. Nope, I think I will do what the next best thing is and that is keep going and doing whatever I can to move forward. Ive been working on my new Bong posters and now I’m about to cut a new demo reel for myself since I need to start looking for work while Bong does its thing. Its time I update my old demo reel and include my biggest achievement to date! I know that I will get out of this funk and the positive energy will come pouring back into me before I know it. Its just tough being in my position and trying to remain positive. I think I need to read “The Secret” again starting tomorrow!

In the mean time here is my latest poster!

Another new poster art!


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